Friday, December 4, 2009

Great Time at the Scala Meeting

I had a great time at the Scala meeting here in Atlanta, tonight. This was the first time for the Scala group to meet in a central location (Same place as the AJUG meetings) and the group was able to double their attendance to almost 20 attendees.

For me it was also very nice to meet Lex Spoon, co-author of 'the book' on Scala 'Programming in Scala'. Also, this is a small world - As a Java Posse fan, it was interesting to realize that John Weathers, the organizer for the Scala Meetup Group and Dick Wall worked together in Atlanta. Besides being a big advocate for Java, Dick is also very involved with the Scala scene in the Bay Area.

Anyway, seeing the potential of Scala combined with the talent we are having here in Atlanta, there is a great bright future for the Scala community, and with it the larger JVM community. These are exciting times!

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