Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DevNexus 2011 - Tools to Get Stuff Delivered

Dear fellow developers,

DevNexus 2011 is only 2 weeks away (March 21-22) and if you haven't registered, yet, please seize the moment and register at http://www.devnexus.com/. Please hurry as registration is closing in one week.
Already, we are pleased to note that we surpassed the number of attendees compared to last year's conference. A big THANK YOU to all of you that registered so far!!

We will be having several raffles: an iPod Nano provided by JBoss, a Flash Builder 4 Premium license provided by Adobe and we will raffle a selection of books. Zero Turnaround is giving to every attendee a JRebel + Enterprise Add-on licenses (for 4 months).

And that is not all! We will have a cocktail hour on March 21st, which is an awesome opportunity to network, talk to speakers and enjoy free drinks.

DevNexus 2011 is your chance to learn about the latest trends in mobile application development, UI frameworks, NoSQL, core Java technologies and the latest from JBoss, Springsource and much more.

This year we also have a focus on Tools and Best Practices that make you more productive as a developer which encompasses an exciting set of sessions such as:

Git Foundations and Advanced Git Tricks



Selenium RC

There are many more sessions to choose from - a total of 35 sessions (incl. 3 keynotes) across 4 parallel tracks. Our schedule is now finalized - Take a look at: http://www.devnexus.com/s/schedule

We would also like to thank our sponsors, who help us tremendously by off-setting much of the substantial costs associated with this event:

Gold Sponsors
  • Terracotta
  • The Intersect Group
  • Automated Logic Corporation
Silver Sponsors
  • Blackberry
  • Anteo Group
  • 4t Networks
  • ICE
  • JBoss
Cocktail Hour Sponsor
Please join us for this amazing event and register athttp://www.devnexus.com/

Thank you all and we will be delighted to see you in 2 weeks!



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Advanced Java, JRuby, Spring, Google, JBoss and DevNexus 2011

DevNexus 2011 - March 21st & 22nd (www.devnexus.com) - Registration will be closing soon.

Several large teams have already registered and this is the best event to have your team attend - the injection of new technologies, techniques and ideas from some of the world's best technologists as well has having other professional software developers to mingle with. We will soon hit max capacity for the event so please complete your registrations today.

The DevNexus organizing committee looks for the best speakers and hottest topics in the software development industry and this year we have had a tremendous response from notable presenters. The following are just a few of the DevNexus speakers:

  • Jevgeni Kabanov - the founder and CTO of ZeroTurnaround (JRebel) will be addressing JVM memory management and classloading - these are excellent sessions for your most hardcore Java coders
  • Dick Wall - of the JavaPosse will dive into functional languages and overall best practices for software practitioners
  • Bob McWhirter - the prolific founder of open source solutions such as Codehaus.org, Drools and Groovy will address Ruby/JRuby on his new project TorqueBox - the power of Ruby raised to the power of JBoss
  • Claus Ibsen - the project lead for Camel and co-auther of the "Camel in Action" book will focus on enterprise integration
  • Mark Fisher - the project lead for Spring Integration will address AMQP and the "Cloudy Future of Integration"
  • Hans Dockter - the founder and project lead for Gradle will focus on automated build systems
And many more notable speakers discussing great topics...http://www.devnexus.com/s/speakers
  • Hadoop 
  • Git 
  • Scala 
  • Arquillian 
  • Flex
  • jQuery 
  • Sproutcore
  • Selenium 
  • Gradle 
  • Apache Camel 
  • Spring Integration, Mobile, Social 
  • JBoss
  • TorqueBox 
  • Apache Shiro 
  • GWT 
  • Google App Engine 
  • NoSQL 
  • The Future of Java
  • ...
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We look forward to seeing you at future AJUG Events and DevNexus 2011.