Sunday, August 30, 2009

jRecruiter is deployed and live took ways to long. Last Sunday I finally made a new production deployment (Version 2.0) of jRecruiter). jRecruiter is the job posting service of the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG). This version was a long time in the making. I hope that from now on I can make new feature deployments more swiftly. The new version is accessible at:

Here is a list of changes:
  • (Almost) No more Struts XML-configuration files. jRecruiter uses the Struts 2.1 convention plugin for annotation based configuration.
  • Many Spring Beans dependencies are now configured using annotations (Spring 3.0)
  • Sophisticated data-grid support using jMesa
  • Google Maps integration (web (Javascript), Pdf (Image) and Flex (Flash))
  • Hibernate Search support
  • RSS feeds for the latest 20 jobs using ROME
  • Social bookmarks on the job posting list
  • Application is now Struts 2.1 based
  • Using jasypt for password digesting
  • Administrative pages are SSL encrypted
  • Improved charting (JFreeCharts)
  • Using reCAPTCHA for the registration page
  • Implemented email account verification
  • Now job postings and updates are send to Twitter (
  • PDF Export of Job Posting Details (using iText)
  • Switched from username-based logins to an email-based system (usernames are still supported on the backend (e.g. administrative logins)
  • Some performance improvements --> CSS and JavaScript files are now merged, minified and GZipped using JAWR)
  • XML web services for providing job posting data to (Still need to do the actual integration but the XML feed is there)
  • Using jQuery for most Javascript needs
  • Maven project consists of multiple modules now (web, server, flex)
  • I18N: Added partial support for German
  • Extra bonus: Added a simple Adobe Flex front-end using Spring Blaze DS for server integration