Sunday, August 30, 2009

jRecruiter is deployed and live took ways to long. Last Sunday I finally made a new production deployment (Version 2.0) of jRecruiter). jRecruiter is the job posting service of the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG). This version was a long time in the making. I hope that from now on I can make new feature deployments more swiftly. The new version is accessible at:

Here is a list of changes:
  • (Almost) No more Struts XML-configuration files. jRecruiter uses the Struts 2.1 convention plugin for annotation based configuration.
  • Many Spring Beans dependencies are now configured using annotations (Spring 3.0)
  • Sophisticated data-grid support using jMesa
  • Google Maps integration (web (Javascript), Pdf (Image) and Flex (Flash))
  • Hibernate Search support
  • RSS feeds for the latest 20 jobs using ROME
  • Social bookmarks on the job posting list
  • Application is now Struts 2.1 based
  • Using jasypt for password digesting
  • Administrative pages are SSL encrypted
  • Improved charting (JFreeCharts)
  • Using reCAPTCHA for the registration page
  • Implemented email account verification
  • Now job postings and updates are send to Twitter (
  • PDF Export of Job Posting Details (using iText)
  • Switched from username-based logins to an email-based system (usernames are still supported on the backend (e.g. administrative logins)
  • Some performance improvements --> CSS and JavaScript files are now merged, minified and GZipped using JAWR)
  • XML web services for providing job posting data to (Still need to do the actual integration but the XML feed is there)
  • Using jQuery for most Javascript needs
  • Maven project consists of multiple modules now (web, server, flex)
  • I18N: Added partial support for German
  • Extra bonus: Added a simple Adobe Flex front-end using Spring Blaze DS for server integration


Cory Wheeler said...

Hi Gunnar,

Just wanted to say congratulations on the latest release of jRecruiter! I also want to thank you for your presentation of jRecruiter at AJUG this past Tuesday. It was great to see everything that you are using under the hood.

Take Care,
Cory Wheeler

jeremyrdavis said...

I really enjoyed your AJUG presentation. You showed off several things that I am interested in using.

I will be downloading jRecruiter to play with it soon.

I linked to you from my blog as well.

Gunnar Hillert said...

Thank you both for the comments! I have added you to the AJUG blog planet