Sunday, December 16, 2007

Installing Ubuntu on a Dell Latitude...

I spent the weekend setting up Ubuntu on my work-laptop. For the the most part it has been a really smooth experience. I used Ubuntu previously but didn't so recently. Thus, it is flat-out cool that the installation now starts using a live-CD. Now I can browse the Internet, have access to some system tools etc. while installing my machine - this is awesome.

The installation has been done on a Dell Latitude 820. Pretty much everything worked out of the box including wireless. So far the only 2 problems I encountered were a not working Suspend/Hibernate and for some reasons vi did not work correctly out of the box (pressing the keyboard cursors after pressing 'i' caused letters to be print on the screen instead of just moving the cursor). But vi was easily fixed by installing GVIM (Don't ask why :-)

In order to fix Suspend/Hibernate, I came across the following internet page:

Unfortunately, the proposed changes did not solve my issue completely...Suspend works but Hibernate does not (The screen goes dark briefly and a login screen appears again)

I will have to look into the issue in more detail tomorrow...C'est la vie -

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