Friday, February 12, 2016

Starter Project - Angular 2.0 + TypeScript + WebPack + Bootstrap

As Angular 2.0 is finally in Beta (¡Yeah!), it is playtime now. In my opinion, the best starter project to use (Feb 2016 ;-) is Angular2 Webpack Starter by AngularClass. Unfortunately, it does not come with Bootstrap support out of the box. This is typically not a major issue but many front-end developers will be faced with 2 major changes:

  • Grunt, Gulp and Bower are dead, long live NPM and Webpack
  • TypeScript rules but how do I "require" my CSS dependencies?
Therefore, I created fork of the aforementioned starter project adding Bootstrap support. Also, in order to customize your Bootstrap theme, I believe it is advisable to use either Less or Sass. As I am more familiar with Less, I added it to my setup as well.

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