Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cloud Foundry for Spring Developers

I will be presenting at the Atlanta Spring User Group tonight (Nov 29, 2011) at 6:30pm. For more details, including directions, please visit:


Title: Cloud Foundry for Spring Developers

Session abstract:

This session provides an overview of how to build and deploy Spring-based applications to the Cloud Foundry platform.
The session will cover application configuration parameters, binding services to your application, deployment options using using STS, the vmc command tool, as well as the new Apache Maven plugin for Cloud Foundry. Gunnar will demonstrate how to deploy applications to both micro and public Cloud Foundry and will also show how debugging works with Cloud Foundry and how you can inspect services remotely using Caldecott.

Gunnar will also show various options to keep your War-files deployable to both Cloud Foundry and stand-alone Servlet Containers using Auto-Reconfiguration, the Cloud namespace, and Spring 3.1 profiles.

Lastly, he will give a high-level overview how you can use Cloud Foundry together with Spring Integration in order to create scalable Spring applications.

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