Thursday, April 14, 2011

First explorations into SpringSource's CloudFoundry

I received my credentials last night for SpringSource's CloudFoundry and I am now in the process of going through the examples. Next, I plan to make some of my applications (home-projects) work on the cloud. The general documentation so far seems to be a still a bit scattered. Therefore, below I summarize all the documentation and resources I have used so far to immerse myself into the services provided by the CloudFoundry. Hopefully it provides a good starting point for you as well.

Background information
There are quite a few examples posted on GitHub, that are a tremendous help in getting started:
Deploy Applications to the cloud from within Eclipse (STS)
Deploy Applications to the cloud using the command line tool vmc
Spring Roo Support
Further reading
Mark Fisher published a great general article covering both, the vmc command line tool and Eclipse:
Make also sure you hit the forums:
And when you really want to look under the hood, take a look at the source code for CloudFoundry at:
It seems like that when checking out CloudFoundry, it is also a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with Spring 3.1 (see this Spring blog post detailing some of the new features). While I think it is not strictly required it provides functionality that is quite useful for cloud deployment scenarios such as:
More details on that in my next blog post. Back to the cloud...

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