Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DevNexus 2011 - Craft Rich (Mobile) Internet Applications

Dear fellow developers,

DevNexus 2011, the south-east's premiere developer conference is only a few weeks away and will take place March 21-22 in Atlanta, GA - Come join us and learn the techniques and technologies that will boost your corporate projects and personal skills to the next stage of excellence. 

We are currently living in an age of massive changes that are transforming our industry. No longer is it acceptable to release static web applications as we did back in the Struts 1.x days. Our customers demand more - rich, interactive and responsive applications that also need to be available across multiple devices - not only desktops but also smart phones and tablets. It is becoming the new reality - Prepare yourself!

DevNexus will help you discover the possibilities and techniques to master this exciting world of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). And thus, we dedicated an entire track to cover:
  • GWT - David Chandler from Google will show you the latest developments around GWT 2.1
  • PhoneGap - Josh Marinacci from HP/Palm will show you how to develop mobile web applications using GWT and PhoneGap
  • jQuery - Learn from Pratik Patel how you can use jQuery 1.5 to built great UIs and how it helps you to loose the fear of JavaScript. Also learn how jQuery Mobile can help you createHTML5 based cross-device compatible mobile web applications. (The mobile web version of DevNexus.com is powered by jQuery Mobile - http://www.devnexus.com/s/index?site_preference=mobile)
  • SproutCore - Did you know that both Apple's MobileMe and iWork.com are powered by SproutCore? Yehuda Katz will show you the possibilities that this exciting JavaScript framework offers.
  • Flex - James Ward covers the new features in the upcoming Flex 4.5 release that will allow you to develop mobile applications across multiple devices (Android, RIM's Playbook, iPhone)
  • Spring Mobile - Need to serve mobile and desktop content from the same domain and or even the same Urls? Come and listen to Roy Clarkson's and Keith Donald's presentation on  Spring Mobile
  • Spring Social - SpringSource co-founder Keith Donald will show you how to add "social features" to your applications using a common Api to integrate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Furthermore, we will have a keynote by Yehuda Katz, member of the jQuery and Ruby on Rails core team. Yehuda will show us how to build web applications in a multi-device world covering among other things HTML5

This is an incredible line-up of sessions covering (mobile) web application development. What is even better - This is just one track. There are 3 more tracks covering core Java topics, NoSQL and many more crucial topics. 
Take a look at our schedule at: http://www.devnexus.com/s/schedule

This is AJUG's biggest DevNexus event ever! 

Don't hesitate, take the plunge and please register at http://www.devnexus.com/

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