Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DevNexus 2010 Conference Updates

I have spent a few late nights lately, to get the preparations for the Atlanta DevNexus conference into the final stage. The line-up of speakers is getting fuller by the day. I am personally really excited that James Ward (Adobe), Keith Donald (SpringSource) and Lex Spoon (Google) are presenting and we have many, many more presenters covering a ton of material.

I will try my best to update the website (http://www.devnexus.com) with the current list of speakers and presentations, soon.

Which also reminds me to finalize our press-release to announce the conference...I hope to get all that done within the next 2 days. Thus, watch http://www.devnexus.com/ for updates. And please sign-up!
For that price, you won't get a better educational value (...brought to you by your friendly Atlanta Java Users Group)

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