Sunday, November 8, 2009

Geeking out with Adobe Flex

Just some quick notes...I had some extra time this weekend and watched several excellent online presentations mostly about Adobe Flex. Adobe is doing a really good job of making their conference presentations freely available.

I worked my way through the following Adobe Max 2009 presentations:
Also, in the past I must have seriously overlooked Adobe TV. Seems to be a pretty neat educational resource. There I watched: Using the Flex Charting Components

Lastly, I ended the weekend by watching Data Visualization and Dashboards by Thomas Gonzales (from 360|Flex Conference). By the way you should also seriously check out his blog: There is some good stuff there.

In his presentation, Thomas showed some need examples. This one causes some serious drooling:

And just in case you need a gauge on your dashboards: Oh, yeah.


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