Friday, March 13, 2009

DevNexus 2009 Report Part 1

More than half a year of preparation finally culminated in the grande finale from March 10 to 11 at the DevNexus conference. The result was in my opinion a great success. We received many emails from speakers and attendees alike, commenting on the very good quality of the DevNexus conference. This was the biggest event that I helped organizing, yet. I already have a few ideas and areas of improvement for DevNexus 2010. But that is subject of a future blog post…

Overall, I truly enjoyed the speaker line-up. Here are the presentations I attended:

March 10
  1. On the Lam from the Furniture Police by Neil Ford
  2. Terracotta - Real Apps, Real Frameworks, Real Use Cases by Ari Zilka
  3. Introduction to Grid based computing with GridGain by Charlie Hubbard
  4. Scaling RESTful Services with JAX-RS by Bill Burke
  5. Software Teams Tuneup: Using Agile to Optimize by Jared Richardson
  6. Scaling Hibernate: tips, recipes and new perspectives by Emmanuel Bernard
March 11
  1. JavaFX: The Platform for Rich Internet Applications by Doris Chen
  2. Picking the right technology for the Rich Internet Application by Yakov Fain
  3. GWT by Bruce Johnson
  4. Developing Modular Web Applications with Spring 3.0 by Keith Donald
  5. Automatic generation of Flex/Java CRUD applications by Yakov Fain
By the way the slides are available here.

I will try to provide some more details and impressions about the attended talks in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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