Friday, September 12, 2008

Flex and Maven First Steps

I finally decided to take the plunge and started learning Flex last night. First I wanted to setup my environment. As I don't have a Flex Builder License (My Evaluation License Expired before I had a chance to actually use it...arrgh...) I started creating a simple build environment that works with a plain Eclipse setup.

As far as I see there are 2 options out there:

After some Googling the there seemed to be a preference for flex-mojos. So I decided to go with it.

Getting my first hello-world compile using flex-mojos was a bit tricky. The issue is that flex-mojos is under heavy development and seems to change a bit. E.g. the location of their Subversion repository and Maven repository changed which however is not necessarily reflected in their examples. Nevertheless there is a very helpful blog and a useful wiki available.

In order to keep up with the project, I decided to also check-out the latest flex-mojo trunk from Subversion and build it locally. Well, it turns out that my local Maven version on my MacBook Pro was not up-to-date but finally I got everything running.

Thus, after some fiddling around I got my first Maven-based Flex-Hello-World running.

In my next post I blog about some further progress and also some of the configuration that was necessary.

As it got really late last night I came across good read about building Flex applications using Maven and Flex-mojos:

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