Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doing some Marketing for DevNexus

Things are finally coming together for the DevNexus conference. Burr Sutter was sending out the first announcement messages to the group's mailing list last week.  Vincent Mayers setup a targeted ad campaign on LinkedIn. We had the first couple of registrations. Today, I saw the first out-of-state registration. 

Over the last couple of days we at AJUG crafted a press-release in order to not only raise awareness locally in the Atlanta area but also within the larger software development community nationally. Today I submitted press-releases to 2 press release submission sites. Let's see whether the press-release shows up in Google News. Furthermore, I submitted conference announcements to major software development news sites such as InfoQ and TheServerSide. 

By the way I came across an interesting blog that provides some tips in terms of press-release distribution. It also list many free press release distribution sites. Organizing a conference is certainly a neat learning experience.


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