Friday, April 18, 2008

Save the Sharks!

I just watched Sharkwater. In my opinion this is the best documentary I have seen in a while. It shows some amazing underwater footage. Seeing the hammerhead sharks congregate near Cocos Island is truly impressive. Nevertheless, the movie delivers an important message: Sharks are not the dangerous animals as you might see on the mass media. More people are killed by vending machines every year than by sharks. 
In fact, sharks are an important keystone species without which many marine ecosystems may collapse. For example research indicates that the ongoing removal of sharks contributes to the decline of coral reefs. I am a certified diver and would like to continue enjoying the mystique and beauty of the world's coral reefs.


Sharks are are literally in danger of being wiped off the map by overfishing (shark finning) and habitat destruction – Every year 50-100 million sharks are killed. The documentary also explains and shows the effects of longline fishing, a really nasty practice.
Thus, even if you don't love sharks, they are critical for the marine environment and need to be protected. We cannot afford loosing them. Please spread the word! 

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